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[New] BitComet Beta [20110601] has been released


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Dear all,

The latest Beta version of BitComet has just been released, you're all welcomed to download it HERE.



GUI Improved: move VIP Acceleration window into BitTorrent task properties dialog

GUI Improved: new option in VIP Acceleration tab of BitTorrent task properties dialog: Anonymous Download

GUI Improved: add Anonymous Download state to VIP icon in task list

GUI Improved: bookmark list in left favorites bar recovered

GUI Improved: remember the position and size of task properties dialog

GUI Improved: add Folder and Private columns in task list, hidden by default

GUI Improved: display a balloon tip when accessing network share folder leads to UI no response

GUI Improved: 32/64 bit editions use separate install packages

GUI Improved: auto update identify 32/64 bit editions correctly

GUI Improved: the language list uses the language names provided by Windows

GUI Improved: add icons to the main menu and context menu of floating window

GUI Improved: display a balloon tip when launch a new instance of BitComet while another is exiting

GUI Improved: the default action of minimize button of main window changed to minimize to task bar under Win 7

GUI Bugfix: the setting of show toolbar and show status bar in View menu not remembered

GUI Bugfix: failed to read cookie from Firefox 4 when add HTTP download

GUI Bugfix: support saving files larger than 4G in volume of HFS+/HFSJ/HFSX

GUI Bugfix: v1.27 failed to start under Win2000

Core Improve: support Anonymous Download for tasks enabled VIP Acceleration, preventing any direct connection to trackers or BitTorrent peers

Core Bugfix: memory access violation leading to program crash

Based on the stable version v1.27

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where is the plugin for emule plugin for this beta or you guys don't do emule plugins for beta releases ?

I looked at http://www.bitcomet.com/doc/download-achive.php and did not see an emule plugin.

Another thing, you might wanna revisit the whole MD5sum thing that you got there at the download-archive. MD5 is broken and you might wanna look at using either SHA1sum or/and SHA256sum for giving people integrity of the files (if people want to go that route) .


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You can use any current version of emule plugin with beta versions. We do not offer separate emule releases specific to the bitcomet version, each are updated independently.

MD5 is broken

Also, before I discuss this with development, can you please elaborate exactly what is broken with the md5.

I haven't looked into this yet, but I suspect it may not have been updated from prior release, but I will pass on your findings as soon as you can clarify exactly what you mean.

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Hi all,

Umm..... first of all the only emule plugin I could find was of Bitcomet 1.24 vintage


On that page, there is no Bitcomet 1.27 emule plugin or atleast I cannot see it. Perhaps its somewhere else ?

As far as MD5 brokeness is concerned, its been known for quite sometime.



The idea as I understand it is that somebody could insert some malware,spyware whatever into the official client and put it on some alleged mirror. If a user were to compare the MD5 hash of the client from bitcomet site as well as the client therein they would find identical MD5 hash.

Its generally been discouraged to use MD5 and move to one of the SHA based hashes for integrity and stuff.

I am no security expert, just a surfer.

Just my 2 paise.

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I don't think you understand the issue very well. There is a vulnerability for passwords secured by MD5 encoding, but inserting a trojan into an existing file is orders of magnitude different from cracking a password. No one is claiming that anybody could do anything like that and still pass MD5 verification.

Ironically, new versions of BitComet are not available for download via bittorrent -- which DOES use SHA5 security. There's a chicken/egg problem present for new users, but existing users could certainly download a .torrrent of the new version, and yes, BitComet certainly ought to provide that as a preferrred option.

Indeed, I think the "new version" notification ought to offer a .torrent file for download.

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Stable version of Bitcomet are always released via bittorrent. I always get them via bittorrent and seed them until the next is released.

Beta versions generally aren't put in a torrent.

Torrent for version 1.27 can be found here... http://download.bitcomet.com/bitcomet/bitcomet_setup.torrent

As for emule plugin, they are available here... http://www.bitcomet.com/doc/plugin-emule.php

and the answer to your question is clearly stated on that page...

Download latest eMule plugin here: (compatible with BitComet v1.11 and later)
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The *current version* of BitComet is available via torrent, but none of the older versions are. They're only available via HTTP download. I thought that was a little bit ironic.

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