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Thank you for the program bitcomet.

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Is the first program I loaded the torrent and now I still have no plan to remove this from even a few

Because the torrent is shared with other people to download with.


1. With the comment that the file is like some Or know what file it is good or bad time to do what. That here, because I like most other torrent programs do not see it.

2. Is set up as a virus scan with another torrent that no vegetable oil. Make my computer safe from threats to peace of mind of the files that do not know what's next, destroying machine com or not.

Is like that because I like to bitcomet torrent other than it now has more new features require comment bitcomet more and more.

And finally I said to a very cool, the best to be slow, but not outside of it good.


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I'm dying to know what translated into "no vegetable oil", though.

lol, I resisted making a joke about that... simply because I didn't want to upset animal rights groups that might be offended if they find out torrents refused to use vegetable based oils... we don't need bad PR here :)

ps. No Animals were harmed in the making or development of BitComet, although a certain Eagle has reported some massive headaches from some novice users, but that's beyond our control.

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