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HELP Torrents ruining internet


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Hello, Here's the problem. I feel this is a bandwidth problem since whenever I download a torrent, my internet goes very slow. My xbox internet connection also goes very slow along with everything else connected to our router. If I'm downloading 1kb/s or 500kb/s its the same outcome, internet goes very slow either way. I have a D-link router and I was told that it's suppose to have a function enabled to make sure downloads don't interfere with internet connection but that obviously isn't working. What should i do? :(

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You've handicapped our ability to help you by not providing all the required info, but from what you did tell us I'd say that your router is most likely the cause of the problem. Since even slow downloads effect this, it's most likely your router is poorly handling the many connections made by bittorrent protocol.

Some Dlink routers do have QoS software, but it only works if you enable it and set it up properly. However I recently did extensive testing on my dlink router (dir655 extreme N gigabit router), and after months of testing I finally disabled QoS and found it works much better without it, but if your not concerned with the speed at which your torrents operate and only concerned with other internet activity, then QoS might be your solution. You would need to enable it in your router and set it to handle all tcp and udp connections on your computer thats running bitcomet as low priority. If I recall, it asks you to select a number from 1-255 where 1 is highest priority and 255 is lowest. Dlink recommends you use the lowest for bittorrent, but here is what I found.

When enabled at lowest setting (255) my torrents peeked at about 100kB/s. When set at highest priority my torrents peeked at about 1000kB/s. When disabled completely, they ran at a steady 2500kB/s.

My opinion is that the QoS will at best make your slow, and at worse will make you much slower. Perhaps it's because the program itself uses a lot of the routers resources to run, but being it's one of their faster routers, I expected much better.

I'd also look into any firmware updates, as your router may have a known issue that has been addressed already.

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