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port listening

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I have a problem with the port listen function on bitcomet, when i start my pc sometimes port is open and other times bitcomet says it is blocked. i have read forum posts and help FAQs but i cnnot seem to find an answer as to why the port opens and closes. i have made the port an exception in my firewall but it still gets blocked :(..pls help as i am stuck for ideas what to do to KEEP it open ....thank you :)

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It's equally hard for us to find an answer for you, in the complete and utter absence of any setup data whatsoever.

To correct that, read the top of this page, especially the "Read this before posting" topic.

My best guess is that you're using a home router which has UPnP enabled and BitComet sometimes manages to open the port through UPnP while other times doesn't.

If that's your case you should follow the Manual Port Forwarding section of this guide.

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It's also possible that manual portforwarding in your router is only effective when your computer is assigned the corresponding IP address, therefore a reboot could make the rule work properly, or stop it from working.

However, we don't even know if you use a router, so you can see that the rules for making a support request are there for a reason. They are there to help you, now after a day or two when you eventually take a minute or two and read them, then we may be able to determine what is the cause, and offer suggestions to resolve the matter.

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my apologies for not supplying the info needed.

Finally after 2hours of reading and trying to open my router port i managed to get the green light to stay on !!

TY for the Manual Port Guide Wizard that helped greatly.

took a while to find where the router IP was and all other info but managed to fix in the end.

i unchecked UPnp and opened port in router..i didnt realise i needed to open port in router but only firewall :(

and a static IP i think is what was needed in the guide too.

thanks Wizard & TUUS for your time :)

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