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plz set Active Option in Favorites > channels > Active it not working good .... Show for all torrent...

plz show only active torrent file like Bit Torrent and utorrent its show only active file

And your 1.19v tags Option batter to 1.29v

Show in Favorites > channels > tags ...its user friendly

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I think what this user is suggesting is that the "active" channel show only tasks that are currently downloading/uploading, not tasks that have stalled. Currently it shows all seeding tasks even if they aren't uploading at the moment.

If so, then I agree.

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Well, I have requested this at least 2 times over, before, but it didn't find any echo so far.

Here you can have a look at my last post on this matter:

"Some other thing... that I would like to see, would be a more fine-grained filtering method which would split all tasks in 4 categories instead of 3 like it is now.

Now we have them kind of mixed up and with misleading names, not following a particular logical pattern.

1. The first one is "Downloading". What one would assume is that by clicking on this one you will be shown only the downloading tasks. Instead you get in fact all the tasks which are "not finished" whether they are at 99% or they never were started at all (just added to the Task List), PLUS the actually downloading (active) tasks.

2.The second one is "Completed". This one seems to works as its name suggests and it shows you only the completed tasks, irrespective of their status (active or stopped).

3.The third one is "Active". This will show you only the active tasks, both downloading (unfinished) and seeding.

What I've been suggesting for a while is a more logical way of splitting the categories (and more practical at the same time). Basically it would divide the tasks in 4 categories (made up of 2 main "super-categories": Active and Inactive).

Thus we would have:

1. "Downloading" (these are active): this would show only the actively downloading tasks (which aren't finished yet).

2. "Seeding" (these are also active): this would show only the actively seeding tasks.

3. "Unfinished" (these are inactive): this would show only the inactive unfinished tasks, whether they are at 0% (never been started) or up to 99% but not finished yet.

4. "Finished" (these are also inactive): this would show only the inactive completed tasks (100% but stopped).

By making more than one category selectable at any time, this would make possible to show any combination of tasks (e.g. "Finished" and "Seeding" to see all tasks at 100%, no matter what state they're in or just "Downloading" and "Seeding" to see all the active tasks). ".

But I think you guys are referring to the Downloading category (that's the one who shows also the inactive unfinished tasks. The Active category, shows only the active tasks at present time, alas it's mixing both downloading and seeding in one window.

@danishashar: The tags have been moved from the Favorites pane to the Task Filter bar. It's not likely to be moved back.

That bar can be made visible (in case it's not in your client) by going to View-->Tasklist-->Show Task Filter. This will display a new little bar on top of the Task List from where you can access all the defined tags.

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