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Long Term Seeding is Completely crashing my internet!

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I guess ill start this off with all the essential information. Thanks to everyone that's taking their time to read this, its a long going problem now and its very frustrating >:(

1) BitComet 1.27

2) Rogers cable high speed

3) modem= Scientific Atlanta Webstar DPX2100. router= Linksys WRT546. I have my ports forwarded.

4) My laptop is connected to the router wirelessly and is the device i do most of my downloading from. There is another computer connected wirelessly that is rarely used maybe on the weekends. And there is a 3rd computer connected to the router through cable.

5) i have Windows 7 home premium, with windows Firewall and no Antivirus.

6) This is a general problem that happens with most torrents even when i disconnect the 2 other computers.

7) 1356500132.png A speed test

So this is the problem. When i Long term seeding enabled with "auto upload rate control" checked I have good download speeds some torrents download at up to 1200kb/s but every 2 mins the download and upload speeds drop down to 0 and it completely cuts out my internet for a few seconds, and then the torrent has to reconnect again. If i disable long term seeding of put a cap on the download speeds then all my downloads are very slow about 100 to 150 kb/s but it does not cut out.

Does anyone know a fix for this? or what the cause can be? This has been going on for as long as i remember i even stopped downloading torrents for a while cause the i use it mostly for HD movies and it just takes way to long.

Any help is appreciated:)

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I think your speedtest explains the problem. You have what looks like a 20mbit download but only 0.5mbit upload. If you put a cap on your global upload to 80% of your tested bandwidth, this should stop the problem, or at least minimize it, however the cutting out problem sounds like it could also indicate a weak router. We'll address both.

1st, your 0.51mbit upload, or 510kbit equals about 64kBytes, so a global max setting of about 51kB/s for your upload should reserve enough bandwidth for efficient communications. You may want to experiment with this a bit, but remember that any change won't show immediate results.

2nd, check with the manufacture of your router to see if a firmware update is available. If not, you may want to limit the number of connections bitcomet uses. I usually change to a low conservative number and if there is an immediate improvement, then I'd gradually increase it until the problem returns, then backup two steps.

You can also use the scheduler to set a higher limit during times you know you won't be using the internet, like when your away or asleep. With bittorrent downloads, the more you upload, the more download you'll get, but if all your upload bandwidth is sending data, then peers won't get through to negotiate trades, and the best peers will simply pass you by assuming your not interested, or to slow to bother with.

You can also limit LTseed upload separately, but this usually isn't necessary because LTseed protocol is bandwidth friendly, and will throttle back to give bandwidth to bittorrent traffic first, but you still do have that as an option.

Also keep in mind that your download speed is dependent on your upload speed, so on a balanced torrent with equal amounts of givers and takers, your download would only be 50kB/s. The torrents you are getting very high downloads from are likely either due to LTseed peers, or seedbox users.

I think with the suggestions I've made you can at least minimize, if not eliminate the problem, so please give it a try and report back your results.

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Just in case this wasn't clear, we think the problem is likely to be your upstream bandwidth usage, and LT-seeding is only a part of that. The main problem is your global maximum upload speed setting, not LT_seeding as such.

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First off Thank You for taking the time to write help me out:D

I updated my router, limited the global upload to 60kb/s (bitcomet seemed to max out at 75kb/s so i took 80% of that) and set the number of connections to 40 and now im increasing the connections to see when the problem comes back.

The weird thing is that after making these changes my uploads are only uploading at around 5kb/s most of the time when usually they would be maxed at like 70. but i don't mind:P

the average download speed right now is around 250 now and fluctuates to around 500 but it might just be the torrent.

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I suspect the lack of upload is combined with lack of peers in the torrent requesting data and less connections being made.

I probably should have specified it's usually best to make one change at a time, for example, if updating the firmware fixes the problem, then you don't need to reduce your number of connections. The limit on your upload should be done regardless of the other problems.

Also please make sure all your torrents have a share ratio above 1.0 before stopping them. Torrents would die quickly if peers didn't seed. I always seed them to 2.0 or higher if I like what I downloaded, simply because if some of us don't make up for those that take and don't give, then there wouldn't be any torrents anymore.

Glad your problems are improving.

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