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[New] BitComet 1.28 has been released


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Dear all,

The latest version of BitComet has just been released, you're all welcomed to download it from the official website.


v1.28 2011.06.28

GUI Improved: move VIP Acceleration window into BitTorrent task properties dialog

GUI Improved: new option in VIP Acceleration tab of BitTorrent task properties dialog: Anonymous Download

GUI Improved: add Anonymous Download state to VIP icon in task list

GUI Improved: bookmark list in left favorites bar recovered

GUI Improved: remember the position and size of task properties dialog

GUI Improved: add Folder and Private columns in task list, hidden by default

GUI Improved: display a balloon tip when accessing network share folder leads to UI no response

GUI Improved: 32/64 bit editions use separate install packages

GUI Improved: auto update identify 32/64 bit editions correctly

GUI Improved: the language list uses the language names provided by Windows

GUI Improved: add icons to the main menu and context menu of floating window

GUI Improved: display a balloon tip when launch a new instance of BitComet while another is exiting

GUI Improved: the default action of minimize button of main window changed to minimize to task bar under Win 7

GUI Improved: remove the AutoRefresh option in Torrent Collection toolbar. new torrents are appended to the bottom directly

GUI Improved: when the display number of Torrent Collection list reaches max value, a info bar will be displayed

GUI Improved: add Remove command to Torrent Collection list

GUI Improved: decrease start-up delay of Torrent Collection by loading torrents information asynchronously

GUI Improved: display a balloon tip when sorting the list of Torrent Collection leads to UI no response

GUI Improved: add a icon for "Properties" in the context menu of task list

GUI Improved: improve the thumbnail task list for system tray icon and floating window when mouse hovering

GUI Improved: add "reset to default layout" the context menu of detailed tabs of Torrent Share and Torrent History

GUI Improved: the option of "show detailed info" in View menu works for Torrent Share and Torrent History

GUI Improved: display free memory of BitComet process in Statistics pane

GUI Bugfix: disable task operation buttons in toolbar when display VIP download list

GUI Bugfix: the setting of show toolbar and show status bar in View menu not remembered

GUI Bugfix: failed to read cookie from Firefox 4 when add HTTP download

GUI Bugfix: support saving files larger than 4G in volume of HFS+/HFSJ/HFSX

GUI Bugfix: v1.27 failed to start under Win2000

GUI Bugfix: the text of weekday in Schedule setting page misplace in certain display setting condition

GUI Bugfix: batch adding torrents have Chinese file name will fail under English Windows XP

Core Improve: support Anonymous Download for tasks enabled VIP Acceleration, preventing any direct connection to trackers or BitTorrent peers

Core Improve: update BitTorrent client identification code

Core Bugfix: memory access violation leading to program crash

Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback here.

Thank you for your support.

The BitComet Team

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I tried to use the Check for updates menu item to upgrade ver. 1.27 but it told me that there were no updates and I already had the latest version so I had to download and install manually.

The last few updates, previous to this one, were spotted and downloaded automatically. Is that funtionality broken now?

Is this the right place to report this or should I put it in the Bug Report forum?


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Version 1.27 was the first stable release to include bitcomet 64bit, and the installer contained both versions. This created some issues with automatic update, so version 1.28 issues separate installers for the 32bit and 64bit versions.

Unfortunatly, some users will need to manually update to get past this problem, but hopefully once your version 1.28 is successfully installed, all further updates can be done automatically.

ps. No need for a bug report, the issue is known, and hopefully resolved.

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