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Can't seurf the internet when Bitcomet 1.27 is running

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I have been using Bitcomet for some times with a little problems when surfing the internet, but since upgraded to v1.27,it was impossible for me to surf the internet when the program is running. I have tried almost every thing and limited the maximum upload to half of what it should be but in vain. Lastly I used another client to see if the problem is my modem or router but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately)it was not. I could surf the internet perfectly mean while downloading at 550 Kb speed. therefore I thing there is something wrong with Bitcomet.

I hate to stop using it though my ranking is not that high (Score 61000, Major General)but if I could not find a solution then what else can I do?

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If you downgrade to the version you were using previously, does the problem disappear? If not, then there was probably a change to an important setting, and you should reconfigure your client. Check and reset everything, following our settings guide and wiki.

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I suspect you may have made a common error when calculating your upload speed.

kb/s is very different then kB/s, and your report says...

mean while downloading at 550 Kb speed.

Please note that bitcomet doesn't measure speed in Kb, it uses KB

Perhaps just a typo and you meant to type KB, but if you confused the two units of measurements, bits (b) and Bytes (B), then this could easily be the cause of your problem.

Why does it not cause a problem with another client?

Simply because bitcomet can access and download/upload to multiple protocols, so if your allowing it to upload more bandwidth then you have available, it will use as much as it can until your ISP chokes the upload, then your browsing will suffer. Correct calculations of your upload speed and global upload settings will fix this, if this is your problem.

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Thank you both for your prompt reply, and that's what I have done:

1. Never mind for the calculation as I have limited my upload, which is normally 40-50 KB/S to only 15, but still didn't work.

2. I tried to download the previous version but unfortunately, Bitcomet crushed during the uninstall of the current version.

3. After installing the previous version I found out that Bitcomet have deleted all my downloaded files (It remain there but would not work) I did the "Hash check" and it said that the downloading were incomplete but in the actual fact, when I resumed the downloading it started from 0%. so be careful to back up your data before uninstalling Bitcomet.

4. I uninstall it again and downloaded the latest version 1.28, which solved most of the problem, which means I can surf the internet now, though it is a little bit slow.

5. Here is a tricky question: You know we all lives in different places around the world and I really don't know how is the timing calculation is used in Bitcomet. What I am trying to say is: if I can start the 24 hours period for calculating the points (score) sometimes at night, then I would do all my downloading, uploading and seeding during the night when I don't need to work with the internet, which give me few extra hours during the daytime to work without having to keep Bitcomet running. If you know a method to adjust this timing I will be very thankful for you (which I am anyway). I tried to search the internet for an answer but in vain.

I appreciate you help and wish you a very wonderful day.

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The issues you report are not typical. I suspect something was corrupted when your troubles started. I'd recommend scanning your drives for errors.

also, If your max upload speed is about 50kB/s, then you should set your global max upload to about 40kB/s, Setting at 15kB/s will drastically reduce your download speed.

As for your "timing" questions, it won't matter when you download as far as earning points. Your given points for being online and points for upload. If you want Bitcomet to use more bandwidth at certain times of the day, this can be set in the scheduler. It will allow you to set hour by hour if it uses full speed, reduced speed, or off. It's pretty easy to use so I'm sure you'll figure it out.

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First thank you again for your reply, but let me correct some of the issues here

1. I have just bought my new computer a few days ago and it is working perfectly without any problem, furthermore I have checked again fo a disk errors and there were non.

2.If there was problem with the program, then this should have happend during the downloading and/or installing BitComet.

3. When I said I was downloading at 550 KB/S with another client, I wasn't talking about my speed, but simply I just wanted to see if I can surf the internet meanwhile another torrent client is running, and it was completely true (well, I was downloading because I didn't have a file to seed with this client)

4.I set my uploading to 15KB/S only for a short period of time to see if I can surf the internet during that time, and I even stopped all the files from uploading, but it wasn't helpfull, and both firefox and internet explorer said they "cannot disply this page" any page, and the later suggested an inerference from a program in my computer, which was true because when I shut down BitComet everything worked perfectly.

5. lastly for the timing I wasn't talking about the downloading or uploading, what I meant is why my 24 hours(Day) start and finish at 5.00Am every morning and not at 12.00 midnight as usual; Which country in the world their new day start at 05.00 in the morning.

Wish a very pleasent day and thank you for your help.

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Bittorrent clients must be restrained from using too much of the upload bandwidth on ADSL connections -- most broadband connections in the world. If they are not, then they begin to interfere with every other application trying to use the internet, and they even begin to interfere with themselves.

If, during your upgrade process, the proper settings for BitComet were lost, then they will have to be restored in order to keep the client from interfering with, for example, web browsers, chat clients and email. Our FAQ will help you with this.

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A failed install is a problem faced by many software publishers, but we rarely see it with bitcomet, however the possibility exists. It's also more then possible you would not be aware of any issue during install, the install package tells your computer to write files (xx) to (yy) location, and trusts that your computer successfully did so, however multiple redundant checks to confirm success or failure of each step would make it difficult to get anything done, so all programs rely on windows built in checks and balances, which sometimes fail.

If reinstalling fixes the problems you report, then it would seem this was the cause. I only mentioned some likely causes, such as harddrive or filesystem error, but if you eliminated that as a cause, then we'll just be glad the problem is fixed, and not worry about the cause.

Also, Comet ID servers update each day at 00:00 GMT. I hope that answers your question.

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