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Hello everyone again!! You guys helped me out alot when I posted last about emule, I greatly appreciated it. I have another quick question for you. I am using version 1.27 on a XP SP3 machine with Google Chrome browser. I am new to the torrent scene and so far I love it and Bit Comet. I reap all the benefits of downloading through Bit Comet and I just want to make sure I'm one of the guys giving back to the community, I'm sure there's alot of user's who take, take, take without giving back. I don't want to be one of those people.

I was reading somewhere, I think it was one of Guardian Eagle's posts, that he seeds at least to a share ratio of 1.0. Okay, take for example, I recently downloaded the complete discography of the XYZ, I love them, it only took about 5 minutes to complete and now my share ratio is at .87 and is continuing. My question is, to seed, all you do is let the torrent keep going after the download and hash check, right? I know your probably thinking, "that's a dumb question". I just wanted to make sure that I'm seeding correctly, and is there a way to speed up seeding and can I tell if anyone is connected to me using the seeds I'm putting out?

Bear with me as I am new to this. Like I said I just want to give back, as best and efficiently as possible. Oh yeah, I followed the tutorial on optimizing BC for speed, so my download to upload ratio is set correctly to my internet connection speed. Any info back would be appreciated, thank you all.


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There is never a dumb question if the reasons are sincere, so we don't mind your question at all, and I'll try to fully address it.

First of all, yes... after download completes, you are a seeder and will continue to upload (as a seeder). It's generally accepted that you must upload to a share ratio of 1.00 or higher. considering that some data is always lost, to be sure your fully seeded I usually recommend at least 1.10 or higher, and if you really like what you downloaded, then 2.00 or higher would be nice.

Also, Bitcomet is unique in that there are two ways to share, traditional bittorrent seeding, and uploading to the LTseed network. Always keep the task running so your uploading to the bittorrent swarm until you hit your target share ratio. This uploads to users of all clients, not just bitcomet. Then after your task is stopped, and your upload bandwidth is unused for any other bittorrent tasks, your stopped tasks will begin to upload via LTseed. This is a proprietary network developed by bitcomet and during download, other LTseed peers can provide some or all of your download, in many cases greatly speeding up your download. It can even be used to complete unseeded tasks that would never finish using any other client.

LTseed has become a major part of the bitcomet network and benefits the entire swarm, not just bitcomet users.

One other option you can look at is "alternate max upload rate when not downloading".

We recommend setting your global max upload rate to 80% of your max speed, but when your not downloading any tasks you can usually set this slightly higher, so your tasks can use as much of your bandwidth for sending data as possible. I'd say try 85 to 90%, but no higher then that. You still need to reserve enough for efficient communications, but when only seeding (not downloading), there isn't as much overhead and usually much less combined traffic if using an asynchronous connection.

Just keep in mind that the percentages we recommend are only a starting point, and every type of connection reacts differently. Some may function better at 75% instead of 80, and some will be more efficient at 85, so testing and observing will give you the best feedback to judge, just don't be quick to decide something helps or hurts, make small changes and keep them there for a few hour (or days), and you'll get a feel for what works best.

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UnUsual Suspect,

Thanks for your reply. Right now I have my upload set to 80%, like you said, but I will change it a little up and down until I get it where it should be. I will also look into the "alternate max upload rate" like you said.

I just wanted to make sure I'm doing everything I can to give back to the community. I don't want to be one of those jerks that take and take and not give back, ya know, I don't feel that's right. I just wish there was more people looking to give as they get, the world would be a much better place. But what can you do.

At any rate, thanks for your reply, as always it is much appreciatedbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif


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