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Increase Max Torrent file supported

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Obviously your terminology is mixed up here. a torrent file is rarely larger then one megabyte, so I'm assuming that your trying to download over one terabyte of files in a single task, is this correct?

I've never tried to download more then 200gB of files in any one task before, in fact I've never seen a task exceeding 1TB. If there was, I don't think bitcomet would object to downloading it though, can you provide an example of this torrent so our development team can examine it?

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I run a torrent tracker, and it uses one of the worlds most popular tracking software and it would NEVER allow a torrent file over 5mB to be uploaded, not even 2mB in fact.

The biggest torrent file I've ever seen is 1.6mB. The task size was about 600gB I believe, but that isn't what makes the torrent so large. That task probably contains many thousands of files, and simply put, the author of that torrent was an idiot (don't know any "kind" way to put it).

If you must put that many files in a single torrent, then you will need to archive them, encoding all those file names within the torrent is only putting way to much overhead into the torrent task and will make everyone unhappy, trackers and clients alike.

It's also possible the torrent was made with a very poorly coded piece of software. I know it wasn't made with bitcomet or utorrent, because neither of these would let a user make such a beast.

If you insist on downloading this task, then send me the torrent and I'll try to dissect it and tell you what it was made with, then you can ask them what client will allow you to run such a torrent.

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If you want a second opinion, here is a quote from Firon (utorrents administrator)

µTorrent won't open torrents with more than 65535 pieces by design (because it's retarded to have that much). With a 4MB piece size and 65535 pieces, you can do about 255GB (and the max piece size is 16MB so you can do about 1TB really...). You should tell the torrent maker to not be retarded and use a reasonable piece size. And you know, let the client do it automatically.

This was in response to utorrent being unable to open a 1.8mB torrent file, so you can imagine how absurd a 5mB torrent is.

ps. he has a good point, assuming the author let the client set the piece size, I assumed it was just a matter of to many files, but if they forced it to use a small piece size on a task that large, then the torrent would be huge.

I'd also consider if you want to trust the content of a torrent made by someone who knows so little about making them. Who knows what type of malware might be in it.

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My personal opinion is that the size of .torrent file currently supported by BitComet is reasonably high enough.

Anybody who has so much content to share should split it into smaller collections and seed them simultaneously.

I don't know if there is a client out there which supports such big .torrent files.

This torrent seems to have been made with mktorrent and like most applications ported from Unix, this one probably comes with not so many "safeguards" in place as those programmed in Windows environment. Usually people working in Unix environments know better what they're doing in front of a computer and I think that the author of the application didn't put any constraints into this option, in order to offer as much liberty as possible to a user who wishes to make a torrent (and perhaps experiment some things) but not as an incentive to make such big .torrent files.

Your torrent uses a 4MB pieces size and has an insanely high number of over 240.000 pieces!

If the team chooses to increase the allowed torrent file size or not, for that you'll have to wait for Ariel to forward your question to them and to receive an answer.

In the meantime, if you have any means, you should try to contact the author of the torrent, congratulate him first for uploading a torrent which can't be downloaded in exactly any client and then perhaps ask him what's his recommended application for downloading this "mammoth".

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If he made the piece size 16mB instead of 4, and put the 10,000 files in a dozen or so archives, that torrent would probably be less then 2mb, perhaps less then 1.

If you do find a client to run this file, I recommend you disable DHT, that would be a huge amount of data to pass around as overhead.

I also feel torrents should be kept as lean as possible, so allowing such an inefficient torrent to be created would be bad thing, but I agree with Wiz that Linux programs generally rely more on the user to know what is best, where windows programs tend to default to what is best for the swarm. Nothing against Linux, I use it myself and it's a powerful operating system and it gives users more freedom to do things how they want to, not how the computer wants it done, but in this case, it allowed some very bad decisions to be made. Perhaps the uploader meant well and is reliable, but he really should re-author this torrent. (my opinion)

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That answer would have to come from development. At very least I will try to find out the exact limits that bitcomet does allow and add the data to wiki.bitcomet.com (Wiz, would you mind checking if the info exists, and add any updates if we get new information).

The representative from our development team is "zerojinn", she will reply if she gets a specific answer on this.

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