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Cometbird 4.0.1 removed my Bookmarks Folder and Restore Closed tabbed button

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Many people are unhappy with version 4.x, but these issues were inherited from firefox, so there isn't much cometbird can do about it. Ironically the only thing we got more complaints about is our delay to update to 4.x, but so many insisted they wanted it so it was released.

I suggest you get 3.6.16, there is a link to download it on cometbird.com.

However, some people like 4.x, so you may learn to like it. Firefox seems to have an equal amount of complaints, hence their rust to release 5.x. I haven't tried either, but perhaps a member who uses it can help you adjust to the new design.

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Just to clarify, the changes you see are some of the things that many other people did not like about the new 4.0 version of FireFox, and are exactly why so many of us went right back to 3.x

Since CometBird == Firefox, the changes made in the latter reflect in the former.

There is a new version of Firefox, 5.0, which has been released. As always with new releases, it will be a while before all of the extensions "catch up" and are released for the new version. Since I rely on many extensions, I don't plan to do a test upgrade for a while yet. CometBird 5.0 will eventually be released, but hasn't been yet.

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