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Unable to Signi-In Bitcomet

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I have a comet id for over 10 months but i have never been able to sign in. every thing is normal the downloading seeding etc.

Whenever i try to log in i get this message

"Password length should be within 6-20 characters"

I have checked my password over and over again and i know my password is correct.

help please.

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From that error, you have a password that is less then six letters, or more then twenty, or perhaps it contains non standard characters?

You can download without comet ID, the single advantage to using comet ID is on public torrents you can achieve more connections to LTseed peers as you advance in rank. This can effect your speed.

If your account has never worked, then you can always register a new one.

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Hi blownapart

Our development teammate just tested your account and there is no problem in signin.

So make sure you type the pssword right, and it is six letters.

If you have any question on the password, you can send me a PM. :)

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