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Does BitComet have a "Uploaded per day/hour" option?

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You would have no way of telling what anyone uploads/downloads from other peers, only yourself. If you want to know how popular a torrent is, then you can go by tracker data, but this won't include data traded outside the tracker using dht or peer exhange.

The only way to accurately record this data is to use a private tracker, and they actively search for falsified stats and remove them.

However if you only want to know about your stats in the torrent, this information is already provided, usually displayed in KiloBytes per Second KB/S You can multiply by 60 to get per minute, and by 60 again to get per hour, then by 24 to get per day.

Average speed of torrent is 100kB/s




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Sounds like you're thinking of a server model. Bittorrent is very, very different from that.

You upload a piece to a peer. That peer now distributes the piece it got, to many other peers, in exchange for pieces THEY have. The same thing happens all over the swarm, and most of the downloads of most of the pieces, do not pass through your client at all.

Most peers get most of their pieces from other peers, and not from you as the seeder.

You don't see any of this, and it's not accurately tracked anywhere as a single statistic -- not even on the tracker, which gathers only individual reports from individual peers.

I suppose that you COULD, if you had unlimited access to the tracker's database, compute the activity on a particular torrent, but I wouldn't necessarily correlate that with popularity even if you did.

In your situation, I just look at the number of peers (or leechers) in the torrents I'm seeding, and keep those with the most of them - whether or not they're actually connected to me at the moment.

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