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*links removed by staff*

Although we (forum staff) like the idea of a portable cometbird, we can no longer allow anonymous links to these programs that include no information as to who the publisher is.

If the publisher wants to make a portable version of Cometbird, then they need to follow the accepted practices of all opensource software and publish them in their own name along with information on where to get support/documentation.

Anonymous links to get this software will not be allowed.

Edit by Staff: These are not made by Cometbird developers, so if you use them, do so at your own risk.

Cometbird developers will have final word as to whether these links will remain in the forum.

Edited by The UnUsual Suspect (see edit history)
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All of these links are from anonymous other parties, and are not authorized by CometBird's developers. You use them at your own risk.

The English language version for example, is from RapidShare, which hides the uploader's identity, and refuses any responsibility for the consequences of anything you download from them.

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These links were removed because there is no information as to who is developing these programs, no resources available to users who seek support in using them, and no accountability as to them being free of virus/adware/spyware.

The one version that I did look at claimed to be published by WinPenPack.com, however their website has no record of publishing any version of Cometbird, so this is obviously a hack someone has made from a portable firefox version.

Whoever is making these needs to publish them in their own name so they can be accountable for their contents and provide support to their users.

We also insist that any portable or other derivative work based on Cometbird include a statement that it is not published with the permission of Cometbird developers and will not be supported by CometBird in anyway.

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