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Color me stupid but i have been using bit for years and now for some reason i can not open the files that i down load.

They are file unknown,

I usually play them through my Xbox,and only open them on my computer to check for quality ect.

What have i missed

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first you missed the "READ THIS before posting", and you missed telling us exactly what you downloaded, but regardless of what the file may or may not be, if it finished downloading, then BitComet's job is done, so this isn't a bitcomet question and belongs in general questions section.

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Windows uses what are called "file associations" to determine which application to use with which file.

If something changes your file associations, or deletes them, then Windows no longer knows what to use to open most files.

The easiest way to restore them is to reinstall the application that you want to handle files of a particular type.

You should read up on file associations to understand this, because it's going to plague you regularly if you don't.

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Thanks,for the response and your work with bit,I did read READ before posting.

I am capable of most things computer related and have source an answers for this question and came up Empty.

here is the link Breaking.Bad.S04E01.Box.Cutter.HDTV.XviD-FQM i down loaded.

I understand it is a file extension issue i just dont get it.

I was under the impression this was general discussion.

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That is not a link, it's the name of a release that is on many networks and torrent sites.

We need to know the full name of the file/s that your unable to identify.

Also, it's my understanding that you've already downloaded the files in this task, so your not asking a question about using bitcomet, your asking how to use the files, but you haven't specified what files they are.

The release you specified comes from the Scene, and was originally released in a group of .rar archives, so it's possible you have these archives but your computer doesn't know what they are.

It would be really easy to help you in this case, but is it a good idea to teach you how to use a type of file if I don't even know if that's what you have?

Should I really just take a guess as to what you downloaded and start instructions based on this guess?

Here is item number 6 that lists exactly what you need to provide.

6) If you are asking about a specific torrent or file that you have downloaded, make sure that you include the complete torrent name, as well as the complete names of the files and their respective extensions/formats (e.g.: .rar, .wma, .bin, .cue, etc.).

Notice the highlighted text here, that you disregarded and is what we need to know to confirm exactly what you downloaded.

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I ll do my best to give as much info as i can,I realize bit did its job and now i am just a little lost.

The download came from pirate bay and eztv.I have mostly gotten all my downloads from eztv and simply just watch or put them on a usb stick and played them on my Xbox.

Running bit V 1.27 MPCStar 5.1

When i open my down load folder it is shown with an icon above as a piece of paper with the corner folded(unknown file i assume)

If i check the properties it shows file : File

I did down load one that plays on my computer with the file ext .mkv,but does not play on my xbox.

Did something change?

Thanks Dave

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post a screenshot of this file. We have a couple good guides for making and posting screenshots in our guides and tutorials section.

If I can see the file, then I will be able to help you further.

Also include what windows version your using.

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I went to eztv's site and down load the file from them and it works.

I have used pirate bay to do my searches for files in the past,but i believe this is were the problem was.

Other torrent search sites also came up with the file i was looking for with .avi ext,i guess it was Murphy/luck that

PB was messed up or it was a fraud file ,just odd that it was on more then one file.

Thanks for your assistance

I have been a user and seeder of bit for sometime great site ;)

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Well, we cannot tell you what the problem was until you tell us what you downloaded. It could be a good torrent, and if you ever are going to need help again, then you need to be able to tell someone the full file name of a file on your system.

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