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You need to be logged in on a user account with administrator access to install software. If you were, it would ask you to confirm an administrative action, instead of the message your getting.

As far as logging into comet ID, it sounds like your username or password is wrong, but this isn't required to use bitcomet, so lets deal with one thing at a time.

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I believe it's the administrator ID and password that he's being prompted for, in order to obtain elevation for the installer process without having to log off from the current account.

So, all he needs is the credentials for an admin account to input into the fileds of the box which pops up or to log into that account from the beginning of the session, in order to install BC.

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before you instal, yu right click run as administrator

You cannot run "as administrator" if your user account is not an administrator account.

To clarify what I'm saying here, if you have a user account on a computer where you do not have an administrator account, then you cannot perform administrator functions. This is the reason for user account controls.

For example, if you are an employee trying to install bitcomet on a computer owned by your employer, then your user account may not permit you to do so.

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