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Bug in GUI - Sort by Up Size


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I was using ver 1.27 and just manually upgraded to ver 1.28 but I have seen this in earlier versions as well.

When you sort most columns, by clicking a column header in the main task list display, the first click sorts in ascending order, second click sorts in descending order and a third click removes the sorting. This is fine for most columns but does not seem to work for sorting by the Up Size column.

First click on the Up Size column heading does not seem to alter the sort order at all. Second click alters the order so that any non-zero values are moved to the bottom of the list but it is not in order. Also if the real time sort is active on the task view then the non-zero values at the bottom seem to change order every second switching back and forth but all still at the bottom of the list.

Let me know if you need any additional information or if I am doing something wrong :-)


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