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How to reduce data wastage

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when i download a file of say 1GB then at the time of completion bit comet show that i have downloaded about 1.3GB (which is true) and dropped data is about only 10MB.

I am confused that where does that 250MB go

I am using a internet plan with limited bandwidth

so i can not afford so much data wastage

and if i use any other client then the data wastage is very less but bit comet gives me 10KBps of more download speed so i don not want to leave it.

What shall i do

Bit comet 1.28

ADSL connection

D-Link Glb 802-c Router

Windows xp sp3 fully updated

Norton 360 v5

windows firewall

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BitComet is unique in that it has the ability to get your data from sources outside the traditional bittorrent swarm, unfortunately this can sometimes result in duplicate downloading.

If included in your task is a file called "movie.avi" that is 100mb, and there are very few pieces of data for this file in the bittorrent swarm, so bitcomet gets the file from another source, it will then have to discard any bittorrent pieces that had previously been downloaded which are now duplicate data.

You can eliminate this and make bitcomet behave as other bittorrent clients by disabling emule, LTseed, Search of mirrors, and the rest of the "services" listed in options, but you'll lose the advantages that make BitComet great.

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I'm sorry, my post wasn't very clear. BitComet uses LTseed and eMule in order to "search for mirrors", when disabled, it will no longer "search for mirrors", and will only get your data from bittorrent sources.

Also keep in mind that in some cases you can greatly reduce your speed by disabling these options. We have seen tasks that are low in bittorrent resources but have a large number of LTseed resources download over 10times as fast with LTseed enabled. The cost however is you will end up with some duplicate data.

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and i have got a very slow internet speed of 512 kbit per second that is 64 KBps which is very low.

so i would continue using bitcomet because of its upnp port mapping feature and if i would be getting less than 50 KBps of down speed then i will enable lt seeds and emule.

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With a slow connection like that, you're probably better off without LTseed and emule. I'd also disable all the "services", as things like sending snapshots or downloading them so you can preview what your downloading, do use bandwidth, so disabling all of this will let you use as much of your connection for downloading data.

Users on faster connections won't see any noticeable difference from the added overhead of these services, and they are very handy features, but you're probably better off without them on your connection.

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thnx again

and i have 2 more questions, please answer them also

1) What is "default number of connections to original URL for each task" and what should i set it to, currently i am using 5 which is the default value.

2) I have heard that bitcomet is been banned by private trackers and if it is true then can i do something to prevent being blocked by them. Shall i change the advanced option "bittorrent.tracker_user_agent"

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The default number of connections per task is for an http or ftp task only, and not related to a bittorrent task.

With the default settings, bitcomet will use 5 connections to download a file, where your web browser would use only one. You can increase this upto 20, but if one connection uses all your bandwidth, then adding more will only complicate things. This is useful on websites that limit the bandwidth per connection, so in some cases you could potentially get the data 20times as fast.

As for private trackers, only the ignorant ones ban bitcomet, and if you were a member of one of them, then you'd have to use a different client. You can read more about this in the "comments and reviews" section on bitcomet.com.

This will have no impact at all on public torrents, and the only reason for the bittorrent tracker user agent being user selectable is in case your ISP blocks bittorrent user agents. In this case you can use a web browser user agent, however most private trackers won't allow this, and this issue only applies to a very few locations in the world where bittorrent isn't allowed.

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Here is the web browser user agent that bitcomet uses.

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; SLCC2; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; .NET4.0C; Tablet PC 2.0)

You cannot use another client's user agent.

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