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VIP data storage question.


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What do the VIP servers do with data if the client they need to send it to is unavailable? I guess quite a few people turn off their PCs at night or might only be able to have them on for a short time each day. Is the data just discarded after a while and have to be downloaded again or is it stored until the cycle of downloading and uploading is completed.

One particular situation I was thinking about was where the seeding of a torrent is very slow, perhaps the seeders throttle their upload speed to a low level. In this case the VIP option of downloading would not improve the torrent download for a client since everyone can only download as fast as a seeder will allow. What would help is if a client could let the VIP server download the entire torrent slowly and then only reconnect later and then get all the data at high speed in a short amount of time from your server. This would be a very welcome feature for people who do not have a PC available 24/7 who want to download torrents where seeding is not very fast.

Maybe that could be marketed as an additional feature to attract more people to the VIP download option.

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I like this idea. It would be very helpful for users on services metered by time, or computers rented in an internet cafe. They could log in and start the task on the vip server, then return the next day and get the files delivered to the local client.

One issue that might be a problem is the legal impact of adding this feature. Currently, the vip servers only transfer data, just like the computers operated by every ISP. The data is held in memory until it is sent to the client, but this would require storage of data and could get complicated, but I'm going to pass this on to development, hopefully they can find a way to make this a viable option.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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