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vip tab in version 1.27

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I have another quick question for someone. I am using version 1.27. Now, where it shows you what tasks you have active, there are different sections - Name of the task, comments, snapshots, download and upload rate, and so on. Between the name of task and comment sections there is a little spot called vip. Can someone tell me if this has anything to do with the VIP service that BitComet offers or is this something else. I have noticed that some of my tasks say VIP there and some do not, I was just curious to know what this means and I can't seem to find it mentioned anywhere. Oh, btw I only see this with bit torrent tasks. Thankx in advance

p.s. I'm sorry this was posted by me a few times in a row. My connection messed up, it said error 502 or 504 - bad gateway. So I made another one, then all of a sudden, poof, there was three posts by me about the same thing. Sorry about that.


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