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upgraded Coment, now downloads save differently


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I have recently upgraded my Comet software to the most recent version.

Before the upgrade when I selected "Downloan this Torrent" a seperate window would open that allowed me to select the specific files I wanted to download and the files downloaded into the "default directory" I had set up in Comet.

AFTER, the upgrade when I click on the "Download this Torrent" I get a pop up window at the bottom of the same window asking"

Do you want to open or save "file name" Withj boxed [OPEN] [sAVE] [DAVE AS] OR CANCEL.

If I choose save then it save its to the user directory and it is not the movie file.

Is there something in the set up I need to change?

Thank you,

sylvia McLeod

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This is a change in how your browser handles .torrent files, and is not really related to BitComet at all.

It sounds like you had previously had your browser set up to open .torrent files directly into your torrent client. (That is discommended practice, btw, because if anything happens and you need that .torrent file again, you'll have to try to remember correctly where you got it, and exactly which one it was. It's better to save all .torrents to a known location on your hard disk, and open them from there. Don't delete the .torrent until you are absolutely sure you won't need it again.)

Look at the browser's settings, specifically how it handles .torrent files.

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