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can someone help please ?

i have win 7 and bitcomet 1.28

no anti virus all good but the snap shot show only 10 photo

and even if the torrent file have more than 10 (i can see the number of photo in the torrent snapshot tap)

i check everything but nut working i turn my fire wall of but still not working

some help please?///

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The number of snapshots bitcomet generates depends on many factors, so ten could be correct for that task. Ten is also more then enough to determine if the content of the torrent is real, and is what you expect. This is the only reason for the feature.

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but some time the task have more than one vidoe and i want to know is it what i want before downloading task

and it show on the task that it have more snapshot

i search internet up and down but nothing is it the only me having this problem?


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Are you saying you would prefer it to load 1450 snapshots?

Personally I think if bitcomet did that, everyone would stop using it... myself included. Such a huge drain on resources for something as trivial as viewing snapshots would be an extremely bad idea, however if you would like, we can ask if they would consider an option to change the default number that it displays, just keep in mind that you won't be doing much downloading if your going to not only download the video, but also download hundreds or even thousands of screenshots automatically with all torrents.

I suspect if you really think this through, you'll agree that it's a very good thing that it limits how many snapshots it downloads, but if you're really sure you want this, post it in bitcomet feature requests, something like...

Advanced setting to control default number of snapshots per task.

I can't promise the development team will consider it, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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