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wont let me download


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That error almost always means that the .torrent file you downloaded is corrupted or not in the proper format. This is typically caused by an error on the server end while sending you the torrent. BitComet's saying it cant make any sense of the file.

Use Notepad or the equivalent to open a known-good torrent file. Get an idea of what it's supposed to look like.

Then use notepad to open the torrent file that's giving you this error. If there's a problem it won't look remotely the way it should. You may even find error messages from the database in there, instead of a properly-constructed torrent file.

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I apologise before i start, i've searched the forum for a thread to discuss actual torrents, but can't find one.

I wanted to request if someone could re-seed ReGenesis season 3.

Many thanks.

Your post is off-topic and doesn't belong in this thread.

Also, in order to "reseed" a torrent, one must have the torrent, or at least know what torrent you're talking about. You only mentioned a tv show series, you didn't mention any torrent, and even if you did, there could be dozens if not hundreds of torrents by the same name, so the chances are slim someone would be reseeding the one you have.

A reseed request should be made at the torrent trackers website or forum if you want a chance of it being successful, so even if you did properly identify what you wanted seeded, posting it here would be a waste of effort.

If you want to discuss this further, you can inquire about how to make a proper reseed request in our torrent questions or lounge sections, but not in the middle of another persons support request.

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