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BitComet V1.28 will not start

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Version 1.28 64 Bit

ADSL internet connection

Roouter, Cicso

Windows Vista

my bitcomet.exe file seem to dissappear for the V1.28 64bit. So I uninstalled the program and then reinstalled it.

I now have the Comet.exe file but it will not work.

I have a 64 bit computer, so I presume that I should use the 64 bit Version.

What do you suggest.

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Besides a 64bit processor in your computer, you also need a 64bit windows version.

If you go to "Control Panel>System", one of the specs will say something like "system type: 64bit operating system"

You can also get there by "right click" on "computer" and select "properties".

Another way to tell is a 64bit windows version will have two program files folders on your C:\ drive.

c:\program files(x86)

c:\program files

The 32bit version will only have one.

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Use of the 64-bit version is optional, if you're running 64-bit Windows. The installation can be tricky though, going from 32-bit to 64-bit and vice-versa. You must be careful with this and aware of what you are doing.

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