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Slow browsing or error when bitcoming running together

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  • 2 weeks later...

In this setting 0 = unlimited

Since using the unlimited setting interferes with your browsing, you just need to find the highest setting your network connection can tolerate. We could have been of more help to you on this if you had read the "READ THIS before posting" topic, but since we know nothing about your connection, instead of fixing the problem, we can only have you adjust your connections to work within the problem.

10 is an extremely low number of max connections. I would try 100, and if it works well, adjust it higher until you find the limit your connection can support, then backup a couple steps to make sure you don't approach that limit.

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TUUS, the parameter he's referring to is controlling the number of half-open connections.

I think you misread it, and took it for the other one which controls the number of established connections, since they look alike. :)

So, in this case 10 is not a too low value.

@sychern: Except, AFAIK, 10 is the default in BitComet (i.e. when the value is set to 0 which means "automatic"). So, you don't seem to have really changed anything.

But if you feel it works better now, well, leave it like that... perhaps the placebo effect works on computers too, who knows? :D

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You're right... and I do admit I didn't read it carefully, however I was understandably dismayed by the lack of specific information we asked for and assumed that he changed the one setting that "could" have made a difference.

I still am wondering if it wasn't the "network.max_connections" limit he changed, since changing that from 0 (unlimited) to a very restrictive number (10) would stop a weak router (actually we still don't even know if he uses a router) from crashing.

Anyway, when the member requesting support provides us with the information we need to "accurately" diagnose this, we will continue, but we cannot continue to offer suggestions or make assumptions when we don't even know what hardware and software they are using.

Please reply with ALL the details asked of you or this support request will be closed.

ps. If there is something you don't understand, then you may ask, but ignoring something either because you don't understand it, or you don't feel it's important won't be tolerated here. We are all volunteers who donate our time to help BitComet users and since we have clear and concise rules for posting support requests, we shouldn't have to ask for info that you're required to provide, and definitely should NEVER have to ask twice.

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