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cant find my ports

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A modem and a router are two very different devices, although some devices can contain both, however if you want help using your router, wouldn't it be wise to tell us what router it is your trying to use?

Actually, if you had taken a minute to read that annoying "READ THIS before posting" topic that's linked all through the forum, then you'd know one of the things we require before helping anyone is the make and model of any router they use.

You should also pay attention to where you post, you put this in "feature requests", which it has nothing at all to do with.

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You put it where it has been moved to, namely, here in BitComet General Discussion.

I can certainly understand you having difficulties, because it seems you really don't read anything unless forced to. So now, if you will actually go and read the topic marked "READ BEFORE POSTING", and provide the information that it requests, someone may be able to help you.

In the meantime, allow me to point out that Thompson is a large and well-known maker of routers, and that they make and have made many, many different models of router.

So far, you've said, "my car is broke". Then, when prompted for what kind of car it might be, you've mumbled, "it's a Ford". That's a little better, but a bit more is needed, so why not endeavour to supply what is required while anyone still has the patience to deal with you -- a commodity rapidly reaching exhaustion, btw.

When we finally DO have the information you were asked to supply in the first place, we can recap for you things you should have been able to find for yourself, without asking, namely the Guides forum and the topic devoted specifically to port-forwarding, and which includes an extensive question-and-answer session encompassing just about every aspect of this topic.

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