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You get points for being logged in, and points for uploading. If you kept all your torrents seeding 24/7 you'll get over 40,000 in less then a year. Thats 120 points per day.

When first introduced, we allowed all users access to free trial. With millions of users each day, this quickly became a major problem where no one, paid or free users having a good experience. The limit of 80,000 was imposed to get things under control. We then lowered the limit and it's currently at 40,000.

Currently our focus is on developing the anonymous download feature, so this limit isn't likely to be reduced until the bugs are worked out. If I were you, I'd wait until these services are out of "beta testing" phase, you'll have a better experience and hopefully by then your score will be high enough to qualify for the free trial.

ps. I'll also add that the original free trial was for 1GB, that was increased to 10GB.

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It doesn't matter how long you have used it, points are issued for being online (logged in), and for amount uploaded. As I stated, you can achieve more then 40,000 in one year if you keep your torrents seeding. This system rewards users who keep the torrents alive by seeding them.

As for buying the VIP packages, you're more then welcome to, but remember that this system is still in beta testing phase, and there are still some problems that need to be addressed. Your purchase will help pay for the costs in developing and maintaining these services, so it's a good cause to support, but please be patient if you encounter any problems.

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