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Getting horribly slow speed for torrents during the day


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I am using BitComet 1.27 and the problem I am facing is that I get horribly slow speed for torrents during the day. However, at around 11.30 in the night, the speed goes up to normal.

To be precise, I get 5-12 kbps during the day and then after 11.30 PM or so, I get what I used to get earlier i.e. 65-72 kbps. Now that's one h*** of a difference. This has been going on for the past 4-5 days. Before that everything was normal.

Please tell me why is this problem occuring? How can I solve it?

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Sounds like your ISP is throttling your connection. Run some speed tests (speedtest.net is a good site to use) at different times of the day, if they speed up at the same time, then there must be a bandwidth cap in place. If the speedtests don't change but your torrents continue to slow, then they may be throttling only bittorrent traffic. Using protocol encryption can help, but the best option is to get a new ISP and make sure you tell the old company why your leaving.

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