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Here's an idea.

About 3 inches above your post is a link called "Read This Before Posting"; read it and provide the info within.

Then post some screenshots of the Trackers tab for any of the tasks which don't work and also a screenshot of the Statistics tab.

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I have a very strange problem: the percentage, the title and the level is not displayed.post-78361-13167556829558.png

I tried to reinstall the alication(even deleted the bitcomet folder from users folder(alication data), to install the different versions of bitcomet(from 1.23 to 1.28) - nothing helped. Have a two year stage of using this program. I have this problem for the first time.

I have Windows 7 x86 Service Pack 1, Dual Core 2,66, 2 gb ram, radeon HD 4850 x2.

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This has been discussed many times, it's a change to an Internet explorer setting on your computer that is changing the way bitcomet interacts with internet explorer. Microsoft feels they can go about making changes that aren't reverse compatible with no regard to how it effects the rest of the world and is forcing bitcomet to reverse engineer what they have changed. This wouldn't be as difficult but it's not an easy problem to reproduce and it happens to few users.

It's also a very low priority because all your stats are displayed, only some cosmetic graphics are not displayed. You can probably restore IE back to default to fix this, but success is varied making us believe the changes are caused by random settings or updates.

ps. We also cannot continue to discuss this in another members topic, and since this topic seems to be abandoned, I'm goinng to close it.

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