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mpc star unknown file format


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i am useing windows 7 and windows vista

bit comet version 1.28 ive tried mpc star, wmp, divx player, my blue ray.

my windows explorer show a page as the completed files icon and when i view the properties it says the kind of file i downloaded is (file). this is happening with a viraty of trusted uploaders files that are listed as avi files and xvid torrents. im using pirate bay and demoniod for torrent sites and its happening with torrent files from both sites. when bit comet says they are 100% competed the files wont play, mpc star tells me that they are unknown files, none of the problem files were listed as zip files and all the torrents i have downloaded befor that showes as avi or xvid movie files on the poroperty page on bit commet downloader, have been click and play movies when they are done. hope this is enough info, if not let me know what else you need to know and ill get back here as quikly as i can.

thxs to all you people who work to make bit comet great.

i am attaching the files which i am having problems with.

this is the magnet link copied from one of the torrents that wont work for me


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yes but the downloaded torrent shows as only a file after it is 100% downloaded on my computer. here is another torrent that shows the same and wont play.


and this is another one


i have had no problems with most torrents playing and i am always updating codexs, mpc star has always played mkv files with no problem befor. also the completed torrents dont show up as video files on my computer, the properties show it as a file only not a mkv file.

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Have you made visible the file extensions in your Windows settings? What extension have the files you say are unrecognizable?

Run a manual hash-check on the torrents for which you have this problem.

Then if the percentage remains 100%, check the extension of the files.

If the extension is what it should be, this may mean that you have a file association issue on your system.

If the extension for the files is missing, then also check the Files tab in BitComet; can you see the extension there? (or better yet, post a screenshot of it, here)

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