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Persona issues and Update Question

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My first question is, why won't my Persona (Skin) change? It worked fine up until sometime between March and June, when it refused to change. I asked Mozilla support about this last night but they were unhelpful (https://forums.mozilla.org/addons/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=3984&p=12264#p12264) and suggested I ask here instead. The font color and the scroll bar will change, but the image won't.

I'm running Cometbird 3.6 on Vista.

My second question is, if I update my browser, will I lose my tabs? It's been my key issue when it comes to updating, and I'd like to know if I've just been worrying over nothing.

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"lose your tabs".

(Pondering over what this might mean)

Well, in order to update your browser, you will have to close it. Closing it means closing all of the open tabs. So, yes, you will lose them. You lose them every time you shut the browser down. So, you probably actually mean something else.

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I haven't had cometbird crash since I left version 3.x, so I can't say. We do offer old versions of cometbird though, so you can aways step back to a version you liked.

As for asking for support in mozilla's forum, if you want to ask them for help, you should install the extension on firefox and then ask them if it doesn't work, but odds are they will refer you to the publisher of the extension.If you do go there, make sure you tell them that cometbird is 100% compatible with firefox source code, and other then add-ons, extensions, graphhics and options, it is identical, because if they don't know what cometbird is, they'll tell you it won't work (most likely).

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