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Problem with downloadig files.

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1. I`m using 1.29 version of BitComet

2. I have T-mobile (UK) broadband internet connection.

3. Model - HUAWEI E173

4. Windows 7 (standart firewall no antivirus)

5. http://www.speedtest.net/result/1525715255.png

6. Problem. Files cant be downloaded by BitComet, reason "Tracker connection error: 10053 An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine". Sometimes I could download files, but when I restar my PC it stops download them. How to solve the problem?

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You can download torrents using a cellular modem, however the performance won't be good because you will be firewalled from any remote initiated connections.

As for your tracker error, that is not a problem with your bitcomet, it's a problem with the tracker. Try another torrent.

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The yellow light is because cellular broadband isn't a full internet connection. Anyone trying to connect to you will be unsucessful. The only connections you could achieve would have to be initiated by you. Now imagine I'm a peer and I join the swarm. My client is set to target 100 bittorrent connections, so as soon as I join, I initiate a connection to you, but get no response. Then about 15 mins later you get an update from the tracker and become aware of me, so you initiate a connection to me. By now it's very possible I won't be accepting more connections, and even if I do, I may have you choked because my bandwidth is all saturated, so you'll have to wait and hope you stay connected long enough until I need someone to trade with.

Being firewalled like that really sucks when using any kind of p2p downloading. Celular broadband companies don't tell you this, and they probably tell you it's firewalled as being a good thing... but they really are only giving you half an internet connection. If I were you, I'd ask them for a dedicated open port, and then drop them when they don't comply.

Then get a real internet connection.

Additionally, you may have another problem, a firewalled connection won't stop you from acquiring local peers, so your ISP may be blocking all bittorrent traffic. I'd ask them this specific question, see if they admit it. My experience is they will try to avoid the question by saying "we don't support peer to peer", in which case I'd say I was trying to download the latest version of OpenOffice suite using bittorrent protocol, and I'm not asking you to help me, I'm asking you specifically if you're blocking me from doing this.

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TBH, cellular and 3G really don't have the bandwidth in place to support P2P, and most of the providers are upfront about this: "we don't support it, period". The connections they're selling aren't intended for large file transfers, and if a lot of people did a lot of transfers, we'd need much bigger cell towers that could handle all the traffic. That and being told "the network is too busy to handle your call", a lot. That won't be acceptable to anybody.

You've got a cell tower nearby. Most people use it briefly, for the duration of a phone call, then they hang up. A lot of different people can use that tower over the course of an hour. If one of them is doing file transfers, they've tied up that connection for hours, and others can't use it while that's happening. It won't take too many people doing transfers, to tie up the tower's entire capacity. Then calls people make to you won't go through, they'll go straight to voicemail and you won't even get a ring. If you're waiting for their call, that's not too good. You'll try to make a call yourself but you get a network busy signal. You will be truly annoyed. So, if anything, cell providers discourage file transfers.

The upshot is, don't try to do P2P on such a connection. This applies, btw, to just about every form of wireless connection (except, of course, one you've set up with your own wireless router).

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