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Add a column for the tag

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They can be displayed in the Tag toolbar which displays under Task Filter bar when you click on the "Tags" button. (In case the Task Filter bar is not visible, you can make it so from the View->Task List menu).

From there you can filter by clicking on the existent tags.

It works by hiding all the tasks but those with the tag you selected not by sorting them.

And this is not a proper feature request, so this topic will be moved.

If you want to make a real one, then make sure you formulate it properly and explain in detail both what you want and why you want it (or think it's worth the time to implement).

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nefaul, we can't interrupt someone else who follows forum rules when another member jumps in the middle of their support request to ask for help on an unrelated subject.

If you want help, make your own topic, but if you just updated from version 6 to version 7 of cometbird/firefox, then you'll probably have to wait until a new bitcomet video downloader is released. When it's ready, it will most likely be released in stable version 1.30 of bitcomet, but you can check the release notes first to be sure. It's also possible that a beta version may be released sooner, that may have a new extension.

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