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Ok, if your using cometbird version 7.x, then you'll have to wait until bitcomet issues an update to it's browser extension. These products are developed separately, and it understandably takes time to update products to be compatible with newly installed versions of software it integrates with. Mozilla Firefox (which cometbird is based on) has been doing major version updates often, going from version 3.x to 7.x this year alone, and version 8.x is due to be released soon, so any time you do an update to a new major version, you'll find incompatible extensions that need to be updated.

In the meantime you can either revert to a prior version of cometbird, or you can let cometbird download the torrent then open it, and it should work fine.

ps. We all wish these updates could be issued instantly, but keep in mind that it's free software, and the development team doesn't have unlimited time to work on these things, but as soon as a new version of BitComet is released, check the release notes and see if there is a new firefox/cometbird extension included, then proceed accordingly.

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