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This is the first time I am posting at bitcomet forum and am very excited in doing so. :P

    • BitComet Version 1.29.
    • Internet Connection Type:- Broadband.(Wired)
    • Modem is from Beetel and product name is ADSL2+CPE 410TC1.
    • Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit, AVG Internet Security 2011 (Antivirus) , Windows Firewall.
    • Download Speed and Internet Plan (Via speedtest.net) :-


My Question is that I heard from my friends and people from different parts of the world that, using a bitcomet account helps a lot in downloading torrents. So I made one in 2008 and since then using the same account for downloading and uploading purposes. I have gained a descent rank too in the past few years while uploading a lot of torrents that I have downloaded till now.

The thing that irritates me is the download speed. Even after sharing a lot of torrents, I dont get a very fast download speed. Torrent speed increases if seeders increase. Even after having a lot of seeders I still get speed not more than 70kbps.

My port number for bitcomet is 57915.

What should I do to have the rightful download speed according to seeders upload rate. I want to enhance my download speed. It takes me more than 7 hours to download a 1.5GB file from Torrent which already have a lot of seeders.

Please help me and FORCE me to get a descent fast download speed.

Thanks and Regards

Somesh Singh

Comet Id :- Somesh212

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Please let me know that if I was rude or disrespectful while posting this Topic.

I am new to forum so dont know much about posting here.

Though I read the rules but still its better to ask once just to crosscheck if I am wrong or right :rolleyes: :)

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BitComet doesn't measure speed in Kb/s but in KB/s.

1KB/s = aprox. 8kb/s. Hence your 70KB/s equals aprox. 70 x 8 = 560Kb/s = 0.56Mb/s. As you can see you're downloading at your connection's full capacity.

The only thing you can do to enhance your download speeds is to buy a better Internet subscription plan.

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So it means one can download only upto [(Speed plan)/8]kbps? But I have seen myself ..a friend of mine with 256kbps speed had more than 200kbps download speed!

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You're still mixing up your bits and Bytes. As grey wizard explained, you ARE downloading at 560kb/s, bitcomet is just measuring the download using a different unit. 560kbs=70kBs. Your internet provider gives you a maximum of 580kbs and your using nearly all of it, that's the best you can possibly hope for. Many people are lucky to be able to use even 500kbs from a 580kbs connection, so you must have your settings optimized properly.

Your friend with a 256kbs connection that is downloading at 200kbs is about average for that connection, and measured in Bytes, he is downloading at 25kBs.

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