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Port-Fordwarded BitCommet but its still slow

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Hey guys

I was downloading something and it went up to 90% with a rate of 120kbs (average) then it dropped down to 2-3 kb/s iand it has been like that ever since.

I port forwarded my router successfully and I even checked it and I used port fordward checker to make sure it worked and it did.

When I changed the port in bitcommet the yellow light turned into green and it said WAN(then followed my an IP with the forwarded port at the end)

It also sais DHT Connected

What did I do wrong? Why isn't it working?

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When you forwarded your listen port, did you make sure to set up a static IP too?

If you didn't, then most likely your IP address has changed on you (ie: it's still set to "dynamic").

If you did set one up properly, you might be trying to run too many tasks simultaneously, and that could prove to be counterproductive.

Would you like to provide a screenshot of your situation?

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