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Rogers Cable not coping with download/upload speed


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Global Max Download Rate: Unlimited

Global Max Upload Rate: 10kb/s

Alternate Max Upload Rate when NOT Downloading: Unlimited

Listen Port 1720

Long time seeding is disabled

Port Forward is enabled and working

I use have DSL and the download and upload speed where stable. I got 600kb/s and easily 30+kb/s upload speed. Now I have Rogers Cable and every time I download something the speed keeps going up and down, and the upload speed does not seem to exceed 10kb/s. (when I'm just uploading)

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After doing some more research I found the problem:

Rogers traffic management policy is to limit upstream P2P file sharing data on applications like BitTorrent and uTorrent to 80 kbps

Is P2P download speed impacted by Rogers traffic management policy?

Rogers does not manage download P2P file sharing traffic; however, some P2P applications will limit download speeds based on various factors, including the amount of P2P upload traffic and protocol acknowledgments. These factors may be responsible for customers experiencing slow download P2P file sharing speeds.

So my new question is does BitComet's download speeds effected because I am only legible of 80 kbps upload? and should I put my max upload speed to 80 or leave it as unlimited?

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From my previous quote "Bitcomet does not even exceed 10kb/s in upload since I changed my service to Rogers Cable."

I meant to say 10KB/s (80 kbps = 10 kilobytes / second)

after doing some more2 research I found this URL: http://wiki.bitcomet.com/protocol_encryption

what should my Protocol Encryption be set as?

and do you have a Lazy Bitfield option? so I can enable it

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How can I configure BitComet so I can download/upload with max speeds?

What ARE your maximum down/up speeds?

I'm talking about the REAL tested ones, not the advertised ones. (You know, there's a reason why the "Read This Before Posting" announcement was placed on top of this forum section.)

Also, since cable systems share the bandwidth between the users on the same segment, you might want to test that at different times of the day, and then make an average of all the values.

THEN you can start comparing the results you get in BitComet with what you have.

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Regarding the traffic shaping done by your ISP, protocol encryption can help, but won't stop it completely, your best option would be to "just say no", and get a real internet connection.

As far as bitcomet is concerned, and bittorrent protocol, your download speed isn't limited by your upload, but the peers you connect to aren't as generous, if you don't send a reasonable amount of data to them, they will stop sending to you, so in the end, your lack of upload will cut off your download, it's just not "bitcomet" that's doing it.

I'll also add that you do the same thing, if a connected peer requests data, but doesn't send any, you too will stop trading with that peer, it's the way P2P works.

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