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Cannot Sign In via BitComet

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I searched extensively in forum and Google to find help to no avail hence this post.

Advice gratefully received.


I cannot sign in via BitComet client.

I can sign in with my ID to any comet site.

Ports forwarded and tested via firebind - no problem

Switched firewalls and AVG off - no change


1) BitComet (64-bit) 1.31 (and previous versions as 32bit and 64bit tried)


3) BT Homehub2

4) Wireless link

5) Win7 Ult 64bit and firewall, AVG Antivirus



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Thank you both for your reply.

@ The UnUsual Suspect -- I am not filtering any IP's

@kluelos -- Nothing happens whatsoever. BitComet performs flawlessly except for my account to be continually attempting to login.

I can successfully login to any of the Comet "systems" via HTTP. Firebind shows the ports I use as open. I have tried port ranges and random port allocations. I returned to a specific port setting.

Since I have attempted regression to previous BitComet clients without success I suspect an error at another level. It is also of interest that I experienced this situation pre and post full system rebuild. I was previously able to login via BitComet on a 32 bit Win7 platform but since going to Win7 64bit Ultimate is when this condition became evident.

I have been able to obtain torrents at very high speeds, upto 2720 kb/sec I recall despite the login situation. Why do I wish to login? I want to support community and receive the recognition.

Thanks again.

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My question was because some members use programs like peer guardian/peer block, and if you install the wrong lists, you'll get this problem. Normally it's very simple, system will automatically or manually log you in, but if it's failing like this, then it does sound like something is blocking the connection.

As for the port check tool, it checks for incoming connections on your specific port, but the login is done with an outbound connection, so the only thing I've seen block it are IP filterring programs.

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