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Blocked Listen Port


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>BitComet v1.29

>Network Type: RevA3G

>3G Wireless Modem (Cricket)

-Broadband Device: EC 5805

-Connected through USB cable

>Windows XP Home SP3

>Microsoft Security Essentials

Having some trouble unblocking my listen port. I've done some searching for my specific modems instructions with no luck. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I was able to unblock my listen port by:

Open - Control Panel

Click on and start - Network Setup Wizard

When you get to File and printer sharing, Turn on file and printer sharing.


My listen port is now unblocked and I have the Green Light

Download speeds are greatly increased

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I'm sorry, nbennett, but you won't be able to open your listen port.

The problem is that you are connecting via a 3G wireless connection, and its firewalled upstream from you. Nothing you can do will affect that firewall, and Cricket won't help you.

You'll have to operate in no-listen-port mode, which will still work, but will be much slower. The only thing you can do is get a different kind of connection, but be aware that this is a problem with nearly all wireless connections of whatever type.

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Just to clarify, it's a problem with all wireless that you don't control, if you operate a wifi aaccess point on your home internet connection, that won't be a problem if you set it up properly, but as far as cellular broadband, none allow full internet access that I'm aware of, so you're not going to get good results with torrents.

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Well, if you hooked up a wireless router, that router is not, strictly speaking, your connection. Your connection is what you hooked that router TO, ultimately the jack in the wall.

I am speaking of connections that are wireless when they get to you. I am broadly including microwave, broadcast radio, satellite, public "hotspots", wireless connections in motels, and, really, every form of non-wired connection that I have encountered so far. All of them are behind a router that includes a firewall which will block unrequested incoming connections including those from bittorrent peers.

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Just to be clear this IS a cricket 3G modem with an average DL speed of 3/mbps...so far still no luck. I even gave the old file and printer sharing trick a shot. I'll keep working at it but I'm averaging about 178/kbps for now but I wont be content until that port is functional. A way there is, because a will I have.

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You're not understanding what we are telling you. All incoming connections are blocked long before they get to your computer, so you're never going to fix this regardless of your will, not unless you get a real internet connection, not one that only allows outgoing connections.

It would probably be a good idea to call your provider and ask... not that it will do any good, but maybe if people complained enough some of the mobile broadband providers would offer better service, but currently none do. If you liken this to a telephone system, then you have one where you can call anyone, but no one can call you, so the only way you can talk to them is if you call them first. However if both parties have this type of connection, then they will never connect.

ps. turning on file and print sharing won't do anything to help you, all it will do is allow others access to your files/printers.

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