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malware warning for forums!!

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for the last 2 weeks I've been trying to access this forum(from Google chrome) that is http://www.cometforums.com/

but all I get is this warning page

warning page:


however entering http://www.cometforums.com in Mozilla Firefox won't rise any alram but, if I try to access the reported link that is http://www.cometforums.coms/uploads same page appears


so what's going on?

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This is a mistake on the part of google. We've notified development, but they are off on national holidays so nothing can be done about it at the moment.

I can assure you that there is no malware on cometforums. The way google safe browsing works is if (for example) they find malware on a website like photobucket.com, then any other website that has any content from photobucket will display this warning, and since many people host their signatures and avatars on photobucket, that means every forum on the entire internet.

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There is a restricted folder on the server where members can upload files, you yourself just uploaded this screenshot to it. I've looked at the list of uploads and they only contain images, but I deleted any that didn't appear to be needed just to be sure, but the reason for this is going to turn out to be something really stupid, like one of our members posting a signature that they hosted on a website similar to photbucket, tinypic or imageshack, lets assume a fictional website called PictureShack.com, then some hacker figures out a way to upload malware onto Pictureshack.com and google finds it, so now anytime a google chrome user comes across a website with content from pictureshack.com, they will get that warning, even if the content is harmless. Google really should blacklist the suspected file/s, not an entire domain, and they should completely disable this entire system from detection if the file in question is a .jpg or similar image file, by doing this they are only spreading F.U.D. (fear, uncertainty and doubt). Novice users are already paranoid about viruses and malware... just look at all the virus hoax messages that are spread around, really ridiculous things like the "Olympic torch virus" for example lol

Google is doing a lot of harm, both to us, and to the public in general. If warnings like this are carelessly used, no one will take them serious when a real threat appears.

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