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Can not sign into Bitcomet


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1) Version 1.31

2) wireles connection

3) Linksys wiresles adapter 2,4 ghz broad band router

4) connected with a rj 45 kabel, but its works whifi as well. Only one router in the house.

Have 2 computers they are both connectet to the same router. One with a cable the other with whifi

5) windows 7. AVG 2012.0.1901


7) speed test with speedtest.net download speed 25.94 Mbps Upload speed 2.08 Mbps

8) Bitcomet have been working wery well up til a week ago, now l can not sign in any more, l tog the laptop to another place and it was working very well.

when l try to sign in after 24 aclock its working again, but in the morning the same problem, cannot sign in.

In the program below the DHT Connected: 1404 is green, but The Port Detecting Failed is grey.

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The grey light indicates that BitComet cannot successfully communicate with the test server, to ask it to probe your listen port. That suggests that something is blocking communication. If you are running any blocking software such as peerguardian, this may be what's doing it. Your ISP may be blocking specific addresses. The ability to log in from elsewhere suggests the latter.

Logging in to BitComet doesn't actually get you very much, if anything. You will still be able to fully use normal bittorrent connections. For many years I didn't bother to log in at all.

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It can happen if the network connection goes out and there isn't an alternative. Funny things happen when trying to get through the Great Firewall. Hope that it stays up, and if it goes out again, your connection will come back in a short time.

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You don't need to sign in to use bitcomet, but doing so can help your performance, so it would be good to figure out what is blocking your connection. It would also be good to open your listening port in your router and/or firewall/s so other peers can make connections to you. You're currently blocked, which is why your WAN port has the yellow warning.

Basically you have two problems, not just one.

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