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Patience is necessary please?

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Hello Comet Community,

This is my first kick at the comet cat. It is an awesome downloader without doubt. I was hoping someone might take the time to direct me a little as to where I can find the sites to find good libraries of audio books, guided meditations, documentaries and movies for free download? I'm mostly into spiritual stuff.

When I just try to type in a movie name or search for a specific "word" in the top-right search bar of BitComet I seem to get directed to pay sites?? I thought the idea of torrent sharing was to feed and seed off one another as peers? Am I wrong? As I say, I am new to this so if the question sounds a little ignorant it's likely because I do actually lack the knowledge......LOL. Regardless, I am sure I'll get the hang of it sooner or later.

Peace. Thanks for any responses.

:huh: :D


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Well, there is a list of torrent index sites in BitComet, as you well noticed, but it's a little bit outdated. BitComet is merely a client which deals with downloading whatever you feed it.

No one in the dev team really compares and updates the list of top index sites on a regular basis, since this is quite a dynamic environment, with sites going up and down all the time, so what yesterday was valid next week may be no more than a dead link. They tried to put in there some of the most popular sites which have been around for a while, but you need to take that with a grain of salt.

However, to my knowledge none of the 6 sites in that list is a pay site. Unless you inadvertently clicked on one of the many advertisements that can be found on many of these sites, which took you to another pay site.

If you really want to surf the most popular torrent index sites, you may be better off searching for the stuff you need directly in your browser. Just google whatever you need and add the word ".torrent" at the end of the search string.

Usually the most popular torrent index sites will be among the top results. That way you can bookmark the ones you like best, after a few searches.

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For most new users I recommend a good place to start is to get a demonoid account, just go to demonoid.me every day and check if registration is open. They usually open once a month, for a day or two and you can register. In the mean time you can still use the site with some limitations.

As for pay sites, I agree with grey wizard, you most likely clicked on an advertisment within a free site, many of the ads say something like "download". It's a scam but people must fall for them because they are willing to keep paying for the adspace. Some good adblocking apps will get rid of most of that for you.

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