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WEB SEEDING - What is it and why is it not connecting

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I just started downloading a new video torrent and as I opened its Peers Tab, I saw this for the first time and also, in the properties > Publishers > Web Seeding box there's a list similar to that in Advanced Tabs' Tracker List box.

What is it and how can I add this in my future torrents? and Why is it not connecting ( grey unhappy face ) like other Peers?

Please help me learn about this feature.

Thanks & T.C

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That is a location on the web for any files within the torrent. If you add such locations, then peers with ability to use webseeding can download from these sources.

When you author a torrent you can add any locations where you have uploaded the contents, or existing web locations. The source must be identical files unless there are webseed links for all the included files, you may not be able to download 100% of the file from webseed because of boundary data that's spread across files. Using the align file boundary option will take care of that shortfalling, but will result in creation of padding files, which are harmless, but some find objectionable.

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So what you've said means that, I'd need to up-load the torrent file to some file hosting site first, then add that url to the torrent before I start propagating it in various torrent sites. If this is true then what will happen if I am not a member of the file hosting sites I had initially uploaded the torrent file? Will it work until they've deleted the file or won't work at all?

Thanks for talking the time to make this understandable but you've left the part where I needed to know, why were those web seed urls' not connecting while I was trying to download that file. Please kindly explain this to me also.

Thanks again for everything. T.C.

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Actually you haven't asked anything specific I can answer, but in general, if someone authors a torrent and adds a web seeding location, that location needs to be valid at the time you download the torrent. If the web address no longer exists, or the files are removed, you cannot connect to them as a source, but I have no idea if you're downloading a torrent that has webseed sources listed, or if your just wondering why a torrent doesn't have any listed... most torrents do not have webseed sources.

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