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Just so things are clear to you if you are new to the site, every member of this forum's staff is not part of the BitComet development team (which btw is located in China) but unpaid volunteers of BitComet who are supporting the English speaking user community.

The only member of the forum staff who is also part of the dev team is zerojin (Ariel) who is actually the liaison between the English speaking community (forum staff included) and the development team and who is actually also an admin here.

The VIP service is still in beta so there have been a number of reported issues so far. For some users it works just fine, for some not quite.

Should anything like that occur now you know who to PM.

If you enable VIP for a task and it doesn't download anything for 24 hours you can reclaim your "bandwidth" (download quota) by disabling VIP for that task.

If it happens that it doesn't work at all for you and the subscription period expired you can ask her for either an extension or a refund (for what I know they didn't refuse anyone so far).

Other than that enjoy your membership and happy torrenting. (While you still can, that is... ).

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