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bitcomet blocking its self

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i have my fire wall open to it in every way i can not find any blocks in my fire wall but it say's i have a blocked port well i have no blocked port it is bit comet blocking its self i dont like the new bitcomet slow down loading and crashing upnp port mapping not working right soon as i got the new update for this every thing go wrong i think you have a lot of bugs to fix in this program

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BitComet cannot block ports, only your local network, internet provider, or firewall can cause connections to be blocked. It's your responsibility to provide bitcomet full internet access, as it is your responsibility to provide information when you request support.

By complaining and not providing any information that can be used to help you, you're only wasting your time, as well as the time of those who attempt to help you.

Regarding uPnP port mapping... do you even have a uPnP device? if you do, you're keeping it a secret because you didn't tell us, and if you don't, how can you expect bitcomet to successfully setup something you don't have?

30 seconds spent reading the support guidelines,and you might have your problem resolved by now.

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