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VIP Acceleration keeps preparing but Anonymous works ?


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Hi, (sorry if my sentences isn't understandable, my english isn't my native language)

note:(the torrent i am currently downloading has 662 seeds and 991 peers, and the speed below is about the same torrent not all of my downloads)

VIP Acceleration keeps preparing but when i enable Anonymous download it downloads like 10% of my full speed

my download speed is 800 kb/s and upload 40 kb/s, when i enable Anonymous download it downloads 90-100 kb/s

without it 150-250 kb/s.

i have the latest version of bitcomet: 1.31 64bit

i have Windows 7 64bit

like i said above my speed is 800 kb/s and the upload is 40 kb/s

i opened a port(=Green)

i don't know if it matters but i'm from Saudi Arabia

i don't care about refunds, i just want a fast download

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VIP Acceleration is still in a very rough and early stage. Our joint experience is that if it does not finish the preparation stage within about ten minutes, then it never will. When it does finish, it produces a very speedy download -- up to the limit of your available bandwidth. Unfortunately, it doesn't get out of the preparing stage more often than not.

As soon as there is any news, it will be posted.

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When using anonymous download it will block all connections to the bittorrent tracker and bittorrent peers. You have the option to also block connections to LTseed sources, these are sources outside the normal torrent swarm and your IP is hidden from any of them. When VIP servers are successful, it will download the data from bittorrent sources and send it to you directly, but even if the channels are unable to prepare, you can still download from LTseed, it just won't be as fast.

This will explain why the anonymous works even if the vip channel cannot complete, but in order to use your full speed, the vip will need to successfully enable at least one working channel. We (forum staff) aren't sure why this fails to work for some and does work well for others, but development is working on it.

There isn't much else we can say about it that hasn't been said already.

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