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HTTP mirrors for torrents

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I dont know whether it is possible or not ,

as i am unaware of the complexity,

presently,there is an option for mirror downloading which will help us to download even when our primary link is down.

but this is not available for torrents.

that is when a torrent fails to complete its downloading due to less peers,it stays as it is.

my idea is, if i see another HTTP link which is exact the same file,I can add it as a mirror and continue downloading.

will you consider it???

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It's already been done and is supported by bitcomet, but there are very complex issues involved and the http file needs to be converted to bittorrent pieces, then back to a file again, so you may lose part of the beginning and end of the file if you don't have the full bitorrent pieces that contain it. This was addressed with padding files, but the community blindly rejected and complained about them without trying to understand their purpose.

However bitcomet can search for mirrors and find your data from several different sources, including http, but it turned out that LTseed, Emule and Webseeding were much more useful then trying to search for direct http links.

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