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Youtube Download problem

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I don't understand why I am not able to download only from youtube website. In every other flash and video website the download media files show all the files swf , flv etc and if its a video file its easy to understand that it will be a file in mb size since any video ranging from 1 min to 20 min is in mb size, but only in youtube all files appear except the video file which should be in mbs instead multiple flv files appear that are only of 1.69 mb size and after downloading this, it doesn't play. Please suggest what I can do about this?

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kluelos, I think he's using bitcomet to download them.

Sounds to me like the website is doing something to block whatever software you're using to capture the files. Youtube does that a lot, then the publishers update their software, then youtube blocks it again.

We can't really give you any specific help because we don't know what your using, or even what browser. If you're using bitcomet video download extension, then you can think firefox for disabling it each time they slap a new number on their browser. It's made development to burdensome when everytime the product is updated, firefox changes numbers and it rejects all extensions. I can't speak for our development team, but I can tell you they aren't paid for this work, and I doubt any of you would do it for free if you were forced to start over and do it again every few weeks.

Best I can suggest is try another video capture app. Any firefox or IE extension should send the files to bitcomet if it's your default download manager, or you can install flashgot extension which lets you select which manager handles each download on a case by case basis.

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