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BUG with downloading


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i have a strange problem with version 1.32 at first it never read download files like press right click and using the funtion ( download this with bitcomet ) while i have older version can do that so simple , download videos from youtube

( i have firefox )

i am an older user of bitcomet maybe i didn't got high rank but i still old and i never faced this kind of problems even no acceleration while download

now bitcomet useless !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Your post is difficult to understand, but it looks like you're trying to download streaming video in firefox and you're assuming that the problem is bitcomet, but it's not, the problem is firefox. They have chosen to make each tiny revision of their browser disable all previous extensions, effectively forcing thousands of publishers of extensions to produce update after update, well, unfortunately there just isn't enough time, the people who develop this software aren't paid for their time. If you want someone to be complain about, then I'd suggest you take it up with firefox.

If you want to use bitcomet to download videos then get a version of firefox that is supported and don't allow auto updates.

When a new version of bitcomet releases, check the release notes to see if support for new firefox versions has been added.

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Wolf, please start your own topic rather than jumping into the middle of an unrelated one.

The port number you elect to use has no effect, one way or another, on your transfer speed. Whatever port you choose for this session, that number is sent to the tracker and out to all the other peers, who will use that port to try to contact you. But to avoid conflicts and confusion, and to just settle the matter, use port 65432. Pretty hard to forget, huh?

You need to set up your own system to assure that all of your firewalls, hardware and software, are allowing incoming traffic through the port that you have chosen. That WILL affect your speed. Firewalls block all ports by default. They have to be told to unblock a given port. You only need one firewall, but you do need that one badly. Don't disable your firewall, that's like taking your front door off the hinges because you had trouble with the lock.

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