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BitComet for LINUX(Fedora)

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Development projects for different OS's almost always become nightmares to manage, unless you are willing to say that Feature X under the Windows version will not ever be included in the Linux version. At that point, you have two different products and your management efforts have doubled.

If you try to keep parity, you soon find that a thing which is easy under one OS is just about impossible under the other. You find yourself delaying release of version 3.x for months, because while this feature works very well under Linux, you just about have to rewrite the OS to get it to work under WIndows. Meantime, every Linux client out there already has it.

Nobody wants to buy into that. I don't blame them.

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Most linux communities I've been active in don't like proprietary software, only opensource, which bitcomet will never be, so I suspect it wouldn't be as popular as you think it would be.

Besides, there are MANY good linux clients already. Also consider that the development team needs to earn a living, we all have our day jobs and I don't think they are looking for more free work to do. If they did take on such a project, I'd gladly use it, but I just can't see it happening any time soon, if at all, but thanks for the suggestion. maybe if more request it it could sway their decisions... so I don't want to discourage anyone from asking.

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